K9 Adventure Land

Brand Identity

K9 adventure land or K9AL is a dog care service provider, their plan and strategy are to bring the best out of your dogs using positive reinforcement and activity training which stimulates the left brain of the dog which possibly makes them understand humans in a better way. The company is based in Florida, USA.

Client Brief

I need my identity to have a very active logo, it should have a dog in the logo which is doing some playful activity, such as jumping, running, or playing fetch. I would love to have something which is simple and timeless so I don’t have to invest multiple times. I need it to be right for once and for all. That’s the reason I contacted you, I got your referral from a friend who said you would understand what I want, I have used many other designers, but didn’t get what I was looking for.

Design Methodology

At the very first instance, we understood that the client wants a simple and clean logo that would stand out from the crowd. So all we did was to create a dog silhouette using the golden ratio which is playing fetch, which definitely represents an active session.

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